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Pethel Consultants is a market research firm specialized in the analysis of retail business and implementation projects.

Since its creation in 1993, Pethel Consultants has performed market studies in several business sectors: retail banking, convenience and grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, various retail stores and services, hotels and residential projects.

The services provided by Pethel Consultants enable companies to reduce the risk of investment decisions by analyzing market characteristics and dynamics as well as assessing the business potential of a project.


Pethel Consultants brings together a multidisciplinary team with varied experience.

Jean Pierre Pethel

Jean Pierre Pethel is the President of Pethel Consultants and has more than 30 years of experience in market research and location analysis. Before starting his own consulting business in 1993 Jean Pierre “JP” worked for two large international companies: A.C. Nielsen and National Bank of Canada. Since the creation of Pethel Consultants, he has managed and conducted with his team over 1200 market studies in several business sectors (financial, commercial, residential, etc.).

Francis Leblanc
General manager

Francis Leblanc has over 20 years experience in marketing services within private companies and public and parapublic organizations. It is within Canadian financial institutions that he developed several skills in various areas of marketing and management. Today, he specializes in market research and strategic planning. He joined the Pethel Consultants market research in 2013. As General Manager for Pethel Consultants, he supervises the firm operations and customer service. He also provides complementary marketing services through the Black and White Marketing division company.

Paule Trudeau
Communication and data research manager

Paule Trudeau, as a specialist in market research, analysis and communication, brings clarity and efficiency to the writing of the studies. She has been collaborating with Pethel Consultants since 2003. She is also responsible for data research and the investigative team that makes field data collection. She combines more than 30 years of experience in communication in the private and public/semi-public sectors. She also provides communication services through the Atoutcom company .

Michael Pohlmann
Market researcher-field investigator

Michael Pohlmann has specialized in market research, location analysis, and real estate for over 30 years. Michael has applied his skills throughout his career working for three (3) of Canada’s top six (6) financial institutions, a large Canadian media company and has been associated with Pethel Consultants as a market researcher-field investigator since 1993.

The Field investigation team

The investigation team consists of several field representatives who cover all the regions of Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces. Each person has over 25 years experience in various fields including management of different types of shops and surveying.